Features and Specifications

Increase code quality one pull request at a time
Write Better Code

We run 1000's of Sonar and FxCop rule checks against your code. Whether its an unused variable or a security issue, we flag them and help prevent them from being introduced when code is changed. Our analysis report and helpful links educates developers on how to write code better. And, best of all, you'll never have to talk about it in a code review again.

Great for Large, Established Projects
(well, all projects, actually)

Many organizations deploy static analysis tools on existing code bases and are immediately overwhelmed with 1,000's of issues and rule violations. Pull-up works differently by focusing on what's changing, because we know that it's usually not realistic to refactor yesterday's code for today's coding standard.

But... we're great for new and open source projects too. If your slate is clean, keep it that way by using Pull-up to check your pull requests.

Get Started Quickly

We start with sensible configuration options, and iterate from there. Our intuitive and simple interface allows you to configure the rule checks that you execute and the repositories that you analyze. Any issue or rule violation that we discover can be dismissed at any time.

Bitbucket Integration

Our tight integration with Bitbucket does more than just allow us to review your source code. We show information about your pull requests directly in Bitbucket where possible. Pull-up can tie into Bitbucket's build management features to mark a build with severe issues as failed, and you can use merge checks to enforce quality. And, we can even comment directly on the individual lines of code that Pull-up flags.

We Love C# / .NET

As a general rule, if it builds in Visual Studio, then we can analyze it. We support code that targets either the .NET Framework or the newer .NET Core platform. Most projects can be built with no additional configuration required.

Simple Security

We know you don't want another tool or set of accounts to manage. We effectively "copy" access permissions from Bitbucket or GitHub. When someone joins or leaves your team, they'll see what they should (or shouldn't). Users always login via Bitbucket or GitHub, too.

Pricing That Works

Our pricing fits your team. We charge based on the number of committers that can access the repositories we analyze. Don't pay for unnecessary users or repositories.

See our Pricing Information Page for more info.

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