Automated Code Analysis for .NET Applications

Increase code quality one pull request at a time.

Integrates with Your Workflow
Create a Pull Request
We'll check it out and look for issues automatically.
We Find Issues
We'll report only the issues introduced in the pull request.
You Fix Issues
We'll analyze your pull request again and mark them resolved.
Merge with confidence and prevent technical debt. Find out more or try it for free!

  Close integration with Bitbucket and GitHub
  Analyze most Visual Studio projects with no configuration
  Sensible defaults that can be adjusted to fit your team
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Fits Your Budget
  Low, per user pricing that scales with your team
  Free for open source, personal and not-for-profit use
  Free introductory trial - no credit card required
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Write Better Code
  Over 1,000 rule checks available
  Enforce coding standards automatically
  Great for growing teams and legacy software
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We Integrate With
Bitbucket       GitHub
We Can Analyze
.NET Framework       .NET Core

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